Registration & Daily Doubles Info

August 13, 2016

Hello all,
I have received a few questions over the past 24 hours and I think everyone can benefit from the answers.

  1. Registration, You will receive a yellow slip from the athletic office once it is complete and it is given to one of the coaches.  This is your clearance to play.  DON’T PANIC IF YOU DIDN’T GET IT THIS PAST WEEK.  If you didn’t get it done, come to the locker room as normal Monday morning and then we will send you to the office.
  2. $$$,  There has been some a few questions about paying for football.  All students who want to play will play.  There are free and reduced lunch scholarships and well as other options.  That is taken care of with the Athletic office.
  3. We will have the following schedule all week:

    Monday – Friday:
    8:00am – dressed and ready in the locker room
    8:30am – practice on field begins
    11:00am – Session 1 ends
    1:30pm – Session 2 begins.
    3:00/3:30 – Session 2 Ends

    On Saturday, we have a mandatory practice (needed to make sure players are eligible for our Jamboree vs Gladstone).

    Saturday Schedule:
    8:30am – Dressed and ready
    9:00am – Practice begins
    11:30 – Practice Ends
    Noon – TEAM BBQ and slip and slide begins

    During the BBQ we will have a parent meeting about the season, as well as our trainer Ericka talking about her role.

  4. Week 2 practices will be in the morning leading up to the Jamboree that Friday night.
  5. Week 3 practices will move to the normal 3:45pm time as it is a game week
    Please check out for schedule updates and game schedules.
  6. Lastly, here is a familyID link.  You need to do a majority of the registration online.

Take care,
Coach Jacobs

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